Academic Policies 2020-2021

Registration (Dropping/Withdrawing)

Drop/Withdrawal From a Single Course

Students may drop a course through the 11th class day of fall/spring semesters and the 5th class day of summer terms with no record appearing on the transcript. Please see the academic calendar for dates when students are able to drop courses online in MyHenderson. Starting the 12th class day of fall/spring semesters and the 6th class day of summer terms students may withdraw from a course with a “W” on the transcript. Beginning Monday of the 13th week during fall/spring semesters and Monday of the 4th week during summer terms students will no longer be permitted to withdraw from a single course. Faculty members reserve the right to drop/withdrawal a student from their course for excessive absences up through the last day to withdraw from a single course. Information and/or forms for dropping/withdrawing from a course may be secured from the Registrar’s Office, Womack 210B. Drop/withdrawals fees will apply (see course fee section of this catalog).

Withdrawal From University

A student withdraws from the university when requesting to be removed from all currently enrolled courses. Students wishing to withdraw from the university should contact the Office of the Registrar, Womack 210B. No record of coursework will appear on the transcript when a withdrawal from the university is requested prior to the 11th class day of fall/spring semesters and the 5th class day of summer terms. A comment indicating the withdrawal date will however be added to the transcript. Withdrawals from the university after this time will result in all currently enrolled courses being given a grade of “W.” Failure to act in accordance with this policy will result in a grade of “F” in all enrolled courses.

Instructor Initiated Course Drops Prior to Census Day

In order to comply with state mandates faculty are requested to drop non-attending students prior to Census Day (11th class day fall/spring semesters and 5th class day summer terms). However, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to make sure he/she is dropped from any courses that are not attended. Any student who has not logged on or participated in an online class will be considered to have not attended and are subject to being dropped. A student who has been dropped from a class may only be added back at a later date under significant, verifiable and extenuating circumstances and with instructor approval. In any circumstance, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the faculty member prior to the census date in regard to absences.

Administrative Cancellation of Enrollment

In the event of documentable extenuating circumstances and/or judiciary outcomes, the Dean of Students and Office of the Provost reserve the right to withdraw a student from the university by issuing an administrative cancellation of enrollment with a grade of “AC” on the transcript.