Academic Policies 2020-2021

Classroom Decorum

Instruction is the most valuable function at Henderson State University. So all students gain full benefit of instruction, the university insists that appropriate classroom decorum be maintained. Minimum elements of appropriate classroom decorum include: punctuality, courtesy, civility, purposefulness and integrity. To achieve these elements faculty may establish rules about such matters including, but not limited to: tardiness, absences, argumentation, collaboration, presence of children and guests, eating and drinking, mobile phones and other forms of conduct to minimize disruption of the educational process. Such rules established by faculty must be clearly and explicitly communicated to students using such means as the course syllabus. Persons judged by faculty to be disruptive may be asked by the faculty member to leave class, be reported to the department chair and appropriate college dean, or be referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs for university disciplinary action. For more information please refer to the complete Henderson State University Academic Integrity Policy.