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Sport Administration

The Sport Administration program serves as a leader for student development and in the creation and sharing of knowledge related to the sport industry. We are committed to excellence in all aspects of research, teaching and service to the sport community.

Henderson State University offers a Master of Science in Sport Administration program that focuses on the business of athletics from professional teams to youth leagues. The degree is a one- or two-year program of study. The program employs faculty and staff who have access to team executives, sports agents, corporate sports consultants and a broad range of other professionals in collegiate, professional and amateur athletics administration.

The program provides a comprehensive learning experience for students looking to build a career in sports. With the outstanding academic and athletic departments, with a strong alumni network and elite networking opportunities, the Master of Science in Sport Administration program has quickly become regarded as one of the top graduate programs in its field. The Sport Administration program taps into the rich local sports community to provide hands-on experiences for students. From guest speakers, program events and field trips to a variety of local businesses and organizations (including professional sport franchises, college athletic departments, broadcast outlets and other producers of sports content), students are exposed to a variety of sport venues.

In Sport Administration, we have enjoyed great partnerships with friends and colleagues not only in Arkadelphia but throughout the entire Arkansas sports industry. We have a very comprehensive program that provides a strong linkage to the world of competitive sports and the community.