Strategy Two

Redesign the Website

A well-designed and implemented website is now an integral part of any organization’s branding and marketing efforts. The Henderson website can be used as a recruiting instrument, a persuasive communication vehicle, and a tool to unite our various stakeholder groups in support of the university.

This strategy is integral to Henderson’s success. More and more prospective students use websites to help them make early choices in the college decision process, and the campus is incredibly supportive of revamping the website. Redesign will accomplish this initiative visually. A complete revamp of the content on the site along with the site’s architecture will bring greater comprehension and easier navigation – the most integral parts of a site redesign.

Action and Elements

  1. Perform a content audit.
    • Develop relevant desired actions for all stakeholder groups in regard to website content.
    • Develop relevant metrics for content goal success.
    • Develop improved information architecture for site.
  2. Develop design in accordance with goal of communicating effectively with prospective students.
    • Provide content in a responsive template to facilitate use by a majority of stakeholder groups.
  3. Maintain up-to-date calendar of events and deadlines for campus.
    • Use calendar to drive website, media relations, and social media content in a strategic and coordinated manner.
    • Update Henderson’s website content daily in accordance with content calendar.
  4. Tell the story of Henderson graduates on the Henderson news and alumni sites featuring the tie between education and jobs.
  5. Review degree and program sections of website for accuracy and effectiveness.
  6. Develop improved intranet portal to complement external website.
  7. Create an effective news site with sections to promote information to different stakeholder groups.
  8. Maintain current analytics using content management system or third-party tools.
    • Report those analytics to administration and staff.