Strategy One

Develop Branding Guide and Educate Campus on Standards

For Henderson to achieve prominence in the region and nation, the university will need to pursue efforts to control the organization’s messaging and brand standards. External stakeholders cannot begin to remember Henderson if various parts of the university do not utilize the same style, look, and feel in printed and electronic materials.

This strategy will first work to establish brand standards for all communication at and beyond Henderson. In addition, these standards will define the process for working with the Office of Marketing and Communications to achieve the appropriate branding. Finally, this strategy will establish a training system to educate internal stakeholders on the importance of branding and adherence to standards.

Action and Elements

  1. Assess current marketing materials.
    • Collect materials from programs across campus.
    • Review language and logo usage.
  2. Develop brand guidelines including print and web usage.
  3. Create session in new employee orientation focused on branding and messaging.
    • Develop the curriculum from brand guidelines.
    • Deliver incentives and recognition program for using brand correctly.
    • Educate brand violators on proper use.
  4. Create and deliver media training for current and new faculty and staff.
    • Create media guide for journalists.
  5. Create complete catalog of properly branded print collateral for use in colleges and programs.
  6. Create mechanism for colleges and programs to order properly branded giveaways.
  7. Partner with bookstore to ensure proper logo and color usage.