Strategy Six

Online Learning Systems

Currently, Henderson does not have a policy or guidelines for faculty desiring to develop distance education courses. Online courses and programs need the assistance and cooperation of the department, the college, the administration and those individuals with the skills and expertise to assist in the actual design and implementation, especially in the course-development phase. This initiative would seek to activate and sustain the necessary personnel and/or committee whose task it would be to guide the university’s distance education programs through consideration of the need, appropriateness, alignment with mission, mechanics, and policies and procedures.

Action and Elements

  1. Form/Activate permanent online committee and clearly define the committee’s accountability structure.
    • Determine existing members of inactive online committee.
    • Identify experienced online teaching faculty and relevant employees critical to online delivery process at to become members on a rotation basis.
  2. Locate and review existing documents related to online learning
    • Examine Higher Learning Commission report.
    • Read online policy manuals submitted to Higher Learning Commission for approval of existing online programs.
  3. Create/update online policy manual and secure adoption from department level all the way to faculty senate and provost’s office for immediate implementation and adherence.
  4. Examine barriers to expanding online learning within the model built for face-to-face instruction.
    • Consider flexible start/end dates that differ from existing structure.
    • Seek possibilities for short intense 8-week courses.
    • Examine fee structure and costs related to online delivery not considered in face-to face model.
    • Establish a process and location for proctored testing.