Strategy Four

Enhance Admission and Enrollment Programs

Henderson desires to become the “university of choice” to students who apply for admission. Of those admitted, many students do not choose to attend Henderson. The university does not currently collect data regarding why these students choose not to attend Henderson. In order to better serve prospective students, Henderson must develop programs to track and assist students through the admission and enrollment process to identify areas for improvement. Data collected should include information on traditional, non-traditional, transfer, commuter, and international students. This data will then be used to adjust the admissions process to better serve prospective students.

This initiative focuses on increasing the number of admitted students who enroll and matriculate, as well as defining and reaching a target audience of students to make Henderson the “university of choice.”

Action and Elements

  1. Implement a comprehensive enrollment management plan developed by the Enrollment Management Committee.
  2. To enhance admission and enrollment, Henderson staff and/or faculty need to make more presentations at neighboring 2-year institutions. Information about activities, support services, and academic resources can be relayed to encourage transfer students. The non-traditional student should also be an emphasis when considering recruitment. Enhanced services and activities for non-traditional students and their families could be an attraction for enrolling at Henderson. International partner programs should be developed to grow the international student population. A cooperative and systemic plan needs to be implemented by the entire academic community.
  3. To enhance Transfer Admissions, dedicate a support office to coordinate all communication. This office would be responsible for providing up-to-date information on the web to include the registration process, virtual campus tours, links to community information, and campus resources.