STA 2323Statistical MethodsTopics include descriptive statistics, correlation and regression, introduction to probability, basic probability distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, 1-way analysis of variance. Prerequisites: MTH 1243 or MTH 1273.
STA 3013Applied Regression AnalysisSimple linear regression and associated special topics, multiple linear regression, indicator variables, influence diagnostics, assumption analysis, selection of ''best subset'', nonstandard regression models, logistic regression, nonlinear regression models. Prerequisite: STA 2323.
STA 3023Design and Analysis of ExperimentsPrinciples, construction and analysis of experimental designs. Completely randomized, randomized complete block, Latin squares, Graeco Latin squares, factorial, and nested designs. Fixed and random effects, expected mean squares, multiple comparisons, and analysis of covariance. Prerequisite: STA.
STA 3033Distribution-Free Statistical MethodsComparison of classical and distribution-free tests of hypotheses, test assumptions, efficiency and related characteristics, Fisher´┐Żs method of randomization, ranking tests, tests based on the binomial distribution. Prerequisite: STA.
STA 3163Probability and Statistics ISee MTH 3163.
STA 4043Statistical Analysis of Time SeriesTime series components, descriptive smoothing methods, regression models for time series data, forecasting via exponential smoothing, evaluation of forecasts, autocorrelation, ARIMA models and Box-Jenkins methods, combining forecasts, frequency domain analysis, filtering. Prerequisite: STA 3013.
STA 4433Probability and Statistics IISee MTH 4433.

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