PSC 1013 (PLSC2003)American National GovernmentThe principles, organization, and functioning of the national government of the United States.
PSC 1023 (PLSC2103)State and Local GovernmentThe principles, organization, and functioning of state, county, and township government, with special reference to Arkansas.
PSC 2043Comparative GovernmentA comparative study of the democratic governments of Great Britain, France, Germany, and Russia. Prerequisite: PSC 1013.
PSC 2083Special Topics in Political ScienceAnalysis and discussion of selected topics in American Politics, Comparative Politics, or International Relations.
PSC 3033Political Parties and ElectionsThis course studies the health of the political party system in the United States and examines the behavior of the American electorate, focusing on participation in elections, particularly presidential elections. Prerequisite: PSC 1013.
PSC 3113The Legislative ProcessA study of the organization, functions, and behavior of state and national legislative bodies in the American political process. Special attention is given to basic problems of leadership, procedures, party, and interest group roles; and law making by the electorate, the executive, and the courts. Trends of the legislative process here and abroad are also considered. Prerequisites: PSC 1013.
PSC 3143Municipal GovernmentAn analysis of functions and organizations of municipal governments and of contemporary problems faced by local governments. Prerequisites: PSC 1013.
PSC 3213, Judicial ProcessA study of process and politics in national and state judiciariesIncludes judicial behavioralism, decisional processes, and impact of American courts. Prerequisite: PSC1013.
PSC 3353(WI) Contemporary US. Eurasia Interaction. Analysis of prospects for cooperation and conflict between the U.S. and the former Soviet empire on such topics as political and economic affairs, Third World competition, strategic and conventional military issues, as well as the trends of change inside the former U.S.S.R. and East Europe.
PSC 4053, 5053American Constitutional DevelopmentThe American Constitution from its Colonial origins to the present: emphasizes the forces and philosophies that influenced its framing and its subsequent development by formal amendment, statutory elaboration, judicial interpretation, and change in usage. Prerequisite: PSC 1013 or HIS 2053, 2063.
PSC 4063Public AdministrationAn introductory study of the management of those aspects of the business of the citizens of the United States which are conducted by or receive major regulation from government. Prerequisite: PSC 1013.
PSC 4073, 5073Social and Political ThoughtThe development of political and social philosophies with special emphasis upon present conflicts. Prerequisite: nine semester hours in the social sciences, or consent of the instructor.
PSC 4093, 5093International RelationsThis course is devoted to questions, issues, and problems that states and their governments have raised as a result of their relations as members of the international community. Prerequisites: PSC 1013.
PSC 4103, 5103American Foreign Policy(See HIS 4233, 5233.)
PSC 4123InternshipAn off campus internship for public administration and political science majors involving administrative work with a governmental agency. Open to juniors and seniors only.
PSC 4133, 5133Political BehaviorThis course examines the factors that influence the political behavior of the American people. It analyzes political socialization, political psychology, ideology, group differences, and how those factors affect the performance of democracy. How opinions are measured, the influence of the news media and variations in the American political culture will also be examined. Prerequisite: PSC 1013.
PSC 4163, 5163(WI) Public PolicyIntroduces students to the policy process: formulation, analysis, implementation, and evaluation. Open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Prerequisite: PSC 1013.
PSC 4173, 5173Civil LibertiesA study of leading U.S. Supreme Court decisions on individual liberty and equality, including the social effects of those decisions. Prerequisites: PSC 1013.
PSC 4223, 5223(WI) The American PresidencyAn analysis of the American presidency, including the selection of the president and domestic and foreign policy powers of the office. Prerequisite: PSC 1013.
PSC 4233, 5233Comparative Politics in the Middle EastA comparative study of the major nation states in the Middle East. Prerequisite: PSC 1013.
PSC 4243, 5243Comparative Politics in AfricaA comparative study of the major nation states in Sub Saharan Africa. Prerequisite: PSC 1013.
PSC 4253South Asian PoliticsA study of politics and government in South Asian, focusing on India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. Prerequisite: PSC 1013.
PSC 4303(WI) Research MethodsIntroduces basic elements of research in political science: research design, research problems, measurement, data collection methods, data processing and analysis, index construction, sampling methods, and hypothesis testing. Required of all political science and public administration majors. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.

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