PHS 1053Earth Systems and the EnvironmentA study of the earth and earth history, emphasizing interrelationships between earth�s dynamical systems and human activity. Course activities include periodic field experiences and planetarium presentations. No prerequisites are required.
PHS 1073MeteorologyAn introductory course that treats the composition and structure of the atmosphere, thermodynamic processes, forces and related small-and large-scale motions, air masses, fronts, tropical cyclones, solar and terrestrial radiation, general circulation and weather forecasting. Format may include field trips and guest lectures. No prerequisites are required.
PHS 1133Introduction to Physical GeologyAn examination of the basic concepts of physical geology, stratigraphy, mineralogy, and land forms.
PHS 3154/PHS 3154LPhysical Science for TeachersA study of the principles and concepts of physical science designed for elementary teachers.
PHS 4183, 5183Higher Order Thinking in ScienceThis laboratory-based course stresses the learning of science as active, integrated, constructive processes involving experimentation, investigation, communication, reasoning and problem solving. The course builds foundations in content to show connections and relevant applications in the areas of life systems, earth systems, and physical systems. The goals of the course are to help teachers extend content learning, to help teachers create successful learning environments for every student by teaching them to use manipulatives, calculators, science equipment, and various learning strategies, and to provide access to appropriate materials, equipment and technology.
PHS 4953Special Methods: Physical ScienceSpecial methods in the teaching of physical science.

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