HS 2013Introduction to Human ServicesA survey of human services as a field of study, with exploration of basic values and concepts underlying human services practice.
HS 3023Social Welfare Policy and InstitutionsStudy of the origin and development of social welfare institutions, their organizational structure, and their mode of operation. Critical analysis of social policy is emphasized. Prerequisite: HS 2013.
HS 3033Methods IIntroduction to basic objectives, skills, tasks, and activities essential to generic human services. Educationally directed field instruction is introduced via field experience in selected human services agencies. Prerequisite: HS 2013.
HS 4043Human Behavior and the Social EnvironmentApplication of the social system model to the behavioral aspects of societies, communities, organizations, groups, the family, and the person. Prerequisite: HS 2013.
HS 4052(WI) Methods IIContinuing study and refinement of basic processes, skills, and professional activities essential to the entry level of human services practice. Content includes casework interventive methods, group work, and community practice. Prerequisites: HS 2013, HS 3023, HS 3033, HS 4043.
HS 4066, 4076Field ExperienceEducationally directed field experience, with block placements in selected social welfare agencies, incorporating field instruction by qualified practitioners. Limited to the human services major. Prerequisite: 12 hours of Human Services courses.
HS 4081(WI) Practice SeminarCombines selected readings, reports, research, and group projects with analysis and discussion of situations encountered by the student human services worker in field experience. To be taken concurrently with HS 4066,4076. Prerequisite: HS 2013, HS 3023, HS 3033, HS 4043.
HS 4183Death and DyingInquiry into various issues in dying, death, and bereavement, with attention to existing research, pertinent theory, relevant social organization and processes, and philosophical and ethical questions. An experimental study which examines feelings and attitudes toward the death of others and of oneself.
HS 4443Human Services for the AgedConsideration of programs at the federal, state, local, and private levels. Preparation in planning, coordination and administration of multipurpose institutions for the aged.

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