FIN 3043Business FinanceA study of the management of cash, accounts receivable, inventory, and fixed assets in a business firm, the sources and cost of funds in the money and capital markets, and the role of the financial manager in a business firm. Prerequisites: ACC 2013; ECO 2023.
FIN 3123Financial PlanningThis course addresses all of the major financial planning issues and problems that individuals and families encounter. The major financial planning tools and techniques are discussed. It covers topics essential for students who will be taking the Certified Financial Planner exam. Prerequisite: FIN 3043.
FIN 3173(WI) Principles of InsuranceA study of the basic ideas, problems and principles found in all types of modern day insurance and of other methods of handling risks. This is a writing intensive course.
FIN 3193Real Estate PrinciplesA comprehensive study of real estate, covering the economics of real estate, real estate appraising, real estate regulation, real estate valuation, real estate finance, rights in real property and their transfer, public programs relating to real property. Designed to help prepare students for real estate licensing examination in Arkansas.
FIN 4073, 5073Advanced Financial ManagementA study of the corporate finance function with emphasis on financial analysis techniques for decision making. Topics include leasing, capital structure, dividend policy, international finance, financial derivatives and mergers and acquisitions. Prerequisite: FIN 3043.
FIN 4103, 5103Investment PrinciplesFoundations for investment decision-making are covered. This course involves a study of the characteristics of all types of investment securities, the types of investment risk, and the worth and suitability of various types of securities for investors in different circumstances and with different investment objectives. Growth factors in investment and investment strategies for both limited-income securities and variable-income securities are investigated. Emphasis is focused on common stocks and equity-investment vehicles such as investment company shares and variable annuity contracts. Prerequisite: FIN 3043.
FIN 4161-3, 5161-3Special Studies in FinanceIndividual or group research and discussion on special issues in the field of finance. Prerequisite: FIN 3043 and consent of the instructor.
FIN 4213, 5213Security Analysis and Portfolio ManagementStudents will actively manage the Ross Whipple Investment Fund while learning to evaluate and price stocks as well as other securities. Topics include modern portfolio theory, risk and return assessment, financial statement analysis, and analysis of market trends. Prerequisites: FIN 3043, or consent of the instructor.

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