ECO 2013 (ECON2103)Principles of MacroeconomicsA study of macroeconomic principles including the market system, national income equilibrium, money and the banking system. Emphasis is placed on policies regarding inflation, unemployment, and economic growth and the government's effect on general business conditions. Computer proficiency is desirable.
ECO 2023 (ECON2203)Principles of MicroeconomicsA study of microeconomic principles, including the foundation of demand (consumer theory), supply (theory of the firm), the operation of the market system, and government intervention. Emphasis is placed on application of these principles for business and government decision making. This course may be taken prior to ECO 2013. Computer proficiency is desirable.
ECO 3033Money and BankingA study of the functions of money, banks, credit, and their relation to price levels and business transactions. Emphasis is on the Federal Reserve System. This course may also be taken as an upper level elective for Finance students. Prerequisite: ECO 2013.
ECO 3223Survey of EconomicsEconomics is the study of decision-making under conditions of scarcity. This course looks at the behavior of the individual consumer and firm, and their interaction with the government. The second half of the course studies the macro economy and focuses on the causes of inflation, unemployment, and interest rate changes. The international economy will also be considered. This course does not fulfill any School of Business undergraduate degree requirements.

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