MBA Program Cost

The MBA takes commitment, time, and resources to achieve this degree. The Henderson State MBA has the power to change and transform your professional career.  We like to say that it will make you a productive economic generator.  That is, you will learn how to create value for yourself, your company, and the society that you live in. You will be able to make contacts with people who will also be creating this same value and thus your networks will expand. You will have a chance to be challenged by world-class faculty and thus your knowledge of the business world will grow. You will have the opportunity to explore how your small corner of the world fits into the entire global economy. When all is said and done the value of an MBA degree is worth the effort you will devote to earning it.

Cost estimates

For in-state graduate students for the 2016-2017 catalog year

Example 1 - Students enrolling in six hours 

Graduate Tuition - $1,572.00

Fees (approximate) - $450.00

Total - $2,022.00

Example 2 - Students enrolling in 12 hours

Graduate Tuition - $3,144.00

Fees (approximate) - $700.00

Total - $3,844.00