Prof. Trubitt's North American Indians course

Anthropology 3043

Spring 2013

     This course explores the diverse cultures of Native American societies using archeology, history, and cultural anthropology.  We will identify cultural similarities and differences among traditional Indian cultures in terms of social and political organization, economy, and religious life by reading in-depth case studies of two Indian societies (the Cree in Quebec, Canada, and the Creek in what is now Georgia and Alabama) and an autobiography written by N. Scott Momaday.  We will address several current issues in the lives of modern American Indians.  This course meets HSU's non-Western culture requirement. 


Curtis photo of Zuni girls

 Photo credit:  Northwestern University Library, Edward S. Curtis's 'The North American Indian': The Photographic Images, 2001.

Course information:

Professor:  Mary Beth Trubitt, Ph.D.       

Class Location:  McBrien 307      Tuesdays/Thursdays 1:30-2:45 pm

Students: for current materials, go to ANGEL.


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There are three required texts for the class (see below).  Several other readings will be on reserve in Huie Library.  For a list of current course reserve materials, click here


Web page last updated:  March 2, 2013.  Web page contact:  M. B. Trubitt, . 

Helpful links for the first section of the course:


    Some resources for ANWR discussion (week 2):  Wallace article in Smithsonian Magazine from 2005, links from the Arctic Circle website, Norman Chance's ethnography on the Inupiat from Arctic Circle website, ANWR legislative history from the Congressional Research Service in 2012, Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection for Alaska , Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 summary.


    Arctic Circle's "Quebec's Northern Crees" - ethnographic materials

    Grand Council of the Crees 

    Ouje-Bougoumou Cree Nation  

    University of Texas Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection 

    CBC Digital Archives: James Bay Project and the Cree 

    James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (summary and recent annual report)

    Canada info from CIA World Factbook


First midterm exam is February 14th. 


Niezen text cover
Momaday's The Names

Helpful links for second part of course:


     Devils Tower National Monument (NPS website)

     Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection (UT-Austin)

     Scott Momaday Biography - Academy of Achievement  


Second midterm exam is March 28th. 


Helpful links for last third of the course:


Final course exam is Tuesday, May 7th at 1-3 pm. 


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