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Research conducted by archeologists at the Arkansas Archeological Survey's HSU Research Station in Arkadelphia is reported through public talks, presentations at professional conferences, and articles intended for general audiences and for professional archeologists.  Here are some recent research publications. 
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Several recent publications report results from the "Archaic Arkansas" project and on novaculite tool production:


  • Etchieson, Meeks, and Mary Beth Trubitt  2013  "Taking it to the River: Arkansas Novaculite Quarrying and Archaic Period Tool Production." North American Archaeologist 34(4):387-407.


  • A new website from the Arkansas Archeological Survey, "Arkansas Novaculite: A Virtual Comparative Collection,"  is available at Tyler Stumpf and Mary Beth Trubitt's 2013 poster presentation for the 70th Annual Southeastern Archaeological Conference in Tampa, Florida, can be viewed here. Trubitt, Mary Beth and Vanessa N. Hanvey's 2011 poster can be viewed here





  • Trubitt, Mary Beth, Kathryn Parker, and Lucretia Kelly  2011  “Reconstructing Ancient Foodways at the Jones Mill Site (3HS28), Hot Spring County, Arkansas.”  Caddo Archeology Journal 21:43-70. 
  • Trubitt, Mary Beth  2009  "Investigating Middle Archaic at the Jones Mill Site."  The Arkansas Archeologist (Bulletin of the Arkansas Archeological Society) 48:71-84.  
  • Trubitt, Mary Beth  2007  "The Organization of Novaculite Tool Production: Quarry-Workshop Debitage Comparisons."  Caddo Archeology Journal 16:71-89. 
  • for a general article on the Archaic period, see in The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture.


Caddo archeology is an on-going research interest here at the AAS/HSU station:


      • Girard, Jeffrey S., Timothy K. Perttula, and Mary Beth Trubitt  2014  Caddo Connections: Cultural Interactions within and beyond the Caddo World. Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, Maryland.
      • Trubitt, Mary Beth  2012  "A Fresh Look at the Hedges Site."  Field Notes (Newsletter of the Arkansas Archeological Society) 367:8-12.
      • Trubitt, Mary Beth  2012  "Caddo in the Saline River Valley of Arkansas: The Borderlands Project and the Hughes Site."  In The Archaeology of the Caddo, edited by T. K. Perttula and C. P. Walker, pp. 288-312.  University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln.


      • Perttula, Timothy K., Mary Beth Trubitt, and Jeffrey S. Girard  2011  "The Use of Shell-Tempered Pottery in the Caddo Area of the Southeastern United States."  Southeastern Archaeology 30(2):242-267.

      • Trubitt, Mary Beth  2010  "Two Shell Gorgets from Southwest Arkansas."  Caddo Archeology Journal 20:129-137.  
      • Trubitt, Mary Beth  2009  "Burning and Burying Buildings: Exploring Variation in Caddo Architecture in Southwest Arkansas."  Southeastern Archaeology 28(2):233-247. 

shell gorget from Arkansas
Trubitt in field at Cahokia site

Dr. Trubitt continues to present and publish on Mississippian period research and the Cahokia Palisade Project:


  •  Trubitt, Mary Beth and Lucretia Kelly  2012  "Cahokia Palisade Project: Faunal Analysis from Selected Features."  Illinois Antiquity 47(4):3-11.
  • Trubitt, Mary Beth  2009  "The Origin, Organization, and Demise of Midwest Chiefdoms."  In Archaeology in America: An Encyclopedia, Vol. 2, Midwest and Great Plains/Rocky Mountains, edited by F. P. McManamon, pp. 43-45.  Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut. 
  • Moore, Michael C., Emanuel Breitburg, Kevin E. Smith, and Mary Beth Trubitt  2006  "One Hundred Years of Archaeology at Gordontown: A Fortified Mississippian Town in Middle Tennessee."  Southeastern Archaeology 25(1):89-109.  
  • Trubitt, Mary Beth  2005  "Crafting Marine Shell Prestige Goods at Cahokia."  North American Archaeologist 26(3):249-266.                            
  • Trubitt, Mary Beth D.  2003  "Mississippian Period Warfare and Palisade Construction at Cahokia."  In Theory, Method, and Practice in Modern Archaeology, edited by R. J. Jeske and D. K. Charles, pp. 149-162.  Praeger, Westport, Connecticut. 
  • Trubitt, Mary Beth D.  2003  "The Production and Exchange of Marine Shell Prestige Goods."  Journal of Archaeological Research 11(3):243-277.

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