Fall Fungi

October through December is the traditional time for the fall mushrooms, presenting an explosion of diversity if the rainfall is adequate. The fall smorgasbord of fungi include three species of lion’s mane fungus (Hericium sp.), Hedgehog mushrooms (Hydnum sp.), honey mushrooms, (Armillaria mellea), as well as clusters of Mycenas on fallen logs. Species of Amanita and Lactarius, different from the species that fruited in summer, and members of the genera Laccaria, Tricholoma, Gymnopilus, Pholiota, Hygrophorus and Cortinarius also appear during this time.

Future web pages posted at this site will contain more detailed information about many of these genera of fungi, as well as other genera that are mentioned in this article. Interested readers are encouraged to check this site from time to time for new articles about the Macrofungi of Arkansas. 

Lion's Mane Fungus (Hericium erinaceus) 

Lion's Mane Fungus
Hedgehog mushrooms

 Hedgehog mushrooms (Hydnum sp.)

Mycena sp. 

Mycena sp.
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