Huie Library attends student casting call

On February 1, the Henderson State University Marketing and Communications team hosted their first student casting call. Tonya Oaks Smith, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications stated that the main goals of this event were to “establish a roster of students we can call on for future projects; find a diverse pool of student faces and stories for use across every medium; and generate usable materials for all marketing channels right from the event.” Attending students participated in an interview, portrait session, and a screen test.

Huie Library was represented at this event by librarian Lacy Wolfe and library technician Susie Kirk. Students answered library related questions for an audio interview and had an additional library themed photo session. The library will use the content for future social media content and promotional material.

The event was attended by over 70 students and over 60 of those students participated in the library section of the casting call.