Henderson welcomes new faculty

— Front row, from left: Ladda Thiamwong, Jennifer Guillen, Christine McDowell, Carly Cate, Rebecca Langley, Eunice Akoto. Second row: Lewis Kanyiba, Tammie Townsend, Judith Jenkins, Nathan Bradshaw, Ivan Birch. Not pictured: Matthew Bowman, Andrew Kreckmann, Eric Jett, Micah Robertson and Margarita Peraza-Rugeley

Henderson State University welcomed 16 new faculty members for the 2015 fall term, which began Aug. 24.

The new faculty includes:

• Dr. Andrew Kreckmann, interim director of choral activities

• Dr. Eunice Akoto, assistant professor of public management

• Dr. Ivan Birch, assistant professor of criminal justice

• Dr. Matthew Bowman, associate professor of history

• Carly Cate, instructor of English

• Dr. Jennifer Guillen, assistant professor of sociology

• Eric Jett, assistant professor of counselor education

• Dr. Lewis Kanyiba, assistant professor of health and physical education

• Christine Doherty-McDowell, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction

• Dr. Ladda Thiamwong, assistant professor of nursing

• Tammy Townsend, assistant professor of nursing

• Dr. Judith Jenkins, assistant professor of educational leadership and English as a second language

• Micah Robertson, lecturer of English

• Rebecca Langley, instructor of psychology

• Nathan Bradshaw, instructor of aviation/assistant chief flight instructor

• Margarita Peraza-Rugeley, assistant professor of Spanish