Caddo Cafeteria Renovation - 11 November 2015

Campus Community,

Good afternoon!

Henderson State University’s Caddo Cafeteria has been a touchstone for students throughout the university’s history. Until the new dining hall opened in fall 2013, it was, as one graduate said, “a place where stomachs and spirits were fed.”

Earlier this year, Henderson State received a grant from the Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council for the first phase of a renovation of the old Caddo Cafeteria. This past summer saw the removal of asbestos from the facility, and we are almost ready to begin further restoration of this Reddie landmark. 

When the full restoration and renovation has been completed, our campus will have a full-service, one-stop student success center. It will not feed bodies, as the old Caddo Cafeteria did, but it will provide support and connection for Henderson State students. This planned center is an important part of Strategic Plan Priority One, which has a focus on student success and student life enhancement.

Monday, we will continue the renovation process and create another active job site on our campus. This will require a few changes in how we drive and walk on campus, and we will all need to slow down and be more vigilant about pedestrian traffic.

Construction crews will begin by reinforcing the ceiling in the basement of the old Caddo Cafeteria. After that is finished, workers will begin removing the roof tiles to clean and refurbish them.  

This construction will require that one lane of Presidents Drive be closed to traffic and the street made one-way entering campus. The sidewalk in front of the Caddo Cafeteria will also be closed. Students who cross 10th Street on the pedestrian bridge will cross Presidents Drive to the sidewalk in front of Womack Hall.

A new crosswalk with reflectors and speed bumps will be installed near the fountain entrance, and students, faculty and staff should use that crosswalk across Presidents Drive. We hope that changing our established traffic pattern will force those who drive on campus to slow down on Presidents Drive.

This external renovation project is scheduled to be completed in mid-April 2016. The Caddo will then need interior renovations in order to serve as the Student Success Center.

While we work on these renovation and construction projects, please be extra mindful of pedestrians on campus. Thank you for your attention.