Administrative Structure Changes - 23 July 2015

Campus community,

Good afternoon!

We write to you this afternoon to announce some administrative changes in the structure of the university aimed at enhancing Henderson State’s ability to serve our students and ensure their success. As you will recall, Priority One ( of the Strategic Plan focuses on growing our university’s enrollment, improving student life and increasing retention to graduation. Each of us is responsible in some part for helping achieve this priority, but there are two divisions of Henderson State that are particularly focused on the outcomes involved in achieving success in these areas – Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.

In order to deliver superior services to our students, both before and after they are admitted, we have determined that changes in our reporting structure should be made for several units in our divisions. This realignment in reporting will enhance communication and functional integration across both the university and our divisions. Effective Aug. 10, the following Offices will report through the Division of Academic Affairs:

  • Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • International Programs
  • Peer Advising and Tutoring
  • First-Year Experience

The following offices will report through the Division of Student Affairs:

  • TRIO Programs
  • Testing Services
  • Career Development Services

The functional responsibilities for these areas are not changing as a result of the changes in reporting, but they may be adjusted in the coming months to provide a more seamless experience for our prospective and current students. These changes are necessary in order to better align our interactions with students as well as to begin to create stronger assessment of programs so we can begin to achieve those key metrics the campus agreed were measures of success under the Strategic Plan.

Year on year, Henderson State must be prepared to ensure that all our students can connect their academic aspirations with their career and community achievements. No leadership in these individual divisions is changing, and the staff who serve in them will continue to provide the best in student and academic services. They are our front-line ambassadors in the Reddie experience, and we want to provide them the opportunity to succeed in their roles as well.

If you have any questions about this realignment, please feel free to contact either of us for more information. Thank you for your attention.

In Reddie Spirit,
Dr. Steve Adkison and Dr. Lewis Shepherd