IRS Update - 1 March 2016

Campus community,

Good afternoon.

A number of Henderson State University employees have reported receiving letters from the Internal Revenue Service relating to fraudulent tax returns being filed in their names.

In May 2015, the IRS announced ( a major breach of tax information from a record-keeping application the government agency used. This information was then used to file fraudulent returns.

Henderson State Computing and Communication Services has determined there has been no evidence of a breach of our university’s data systems. The university is also regularly audited by external entities to ensure that our employee and student data is safeguarded. 

Though the university’s information systems have not been breached, we advise you to file your return as soon as you are able. It is also advisable to conduct an annual review of your credit report.

Henderson State University cannot offer advising on financial or tax issues, so if you have questions about a letter you have obtained, seek the advice of a tax professional.

Thank you for your attention.