Alertus beacons - 19 January 2016

Campus community,

Good morning and welcome back to the spring semester.

Maintaining a safe campus continues to be a main focus for staff members in units throughout the university. During the break, we installed Alertus beacons (photo attached) in each building as a way to communicate emergency notifications more effectively – particularly to those who are in class or are unable to monitor their email or text messaging.

These bright yellow beacons use loud sounds, lights and text notifications of the nature of the emergency. They also work hand-in-hand with the Alertus software that has been pushed to all computers on campus. We are working to integrate other portions of the emergency notification system so that faculty, staff and students are notified more efficiently in the event of an emergency.

Soon, we will begin testing the Alertus system. During the test, you will hear an alert sound coming from the Alertus boxes and they will display our test messages. Your computer will also display the test alert message.

We will conduct testing on a building-by-building basis. Thank you for your attention.