Hoverboard update - 13 January 2016

Campus community,

Good afternoon and welcome back to Henderson State University for the Spring 2016 semester.

This holiday season, hoverboards were one of the most popular gifts for both adults and children. We anticipate that some of the members of our community will have received these two-wheel, self-balancing personal vehicles.

Unfortunately, hoverboards pose a widely reported potential fire hazard. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have exploded while being charged, and some have caught fire. Residence Life is prohibiting the presence of hoverboards from the residence halls and apartments because of the risks they pose while being charged or stored. Please note that individuals who cause damage with wheeled vehicles may be held liable for the damage their vehicles cause.

In addition, the use of hoverboards, like that of skateboards and bicycles, is not permitted inside any university buildings due to the risk of personal injury due to falls and collisions.

The use of hoverboards is prohibited on campus. The university has determined that the risk of an injury to a member of the Henderson State community or loss of university or personal property outweighs the value of allowing hoverboards on campus.

Thank you for your understanding and attention.