Womack Hall Heat - 11 January 2016

Campus community,

Good afternoon. Last week, we informed faculty and staff of our plans to repair the heating system in Womack Hall. Unfortunately, the plan needed to be modified.

We planned to begin the process this morning, but we will instead begin Wednesday morning. We will have normal heat in the building through Tuesday afternoon.

At 5 p.m. Tuesday, we will turn our heating system up so that as much heat as possible is pumped into Womack. Then, crews will turn off the system at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning and work nonstop until they have completed the process of installing the three new pumps necessary for all the repairs to be complete.

Contractors assure us that the heat will be able to be back on Thursday morning. When we are able to return to using our system, it will take several hours for offices to come back to normal temperatures.

This week, we will continue to have students who visit campus to complete business that is integral to their spring semester enrollment. Students may need to transfer, make payments and work with financial aid, and those offices will need to remain open for student business. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience with our repairs.