Womack Hall Heat - 7 January 2016

Campus community,

Today, the main pipe that is used to move hot water throughout Womack Hall burst.  As a part of the ongoing ESCO project, this pipe and three water pumps were going to be replaced eventually. This portion of the project entails turning off the heat completely in Womack Hall, and the plan was to do this later in the year when we would have warmer weather.  The pipe that began leaking today has changed our schedule.

The plan now is to repair the pipe so as to allow heat for Friday and throughout the weekend. The heat will be turned up late Friday afternoon as high as possible; Monday morning, the heat will be turned off so that the new pumps can be installed. This project will be completed as quickly as possible. We hope to have completed it within three days after the heat is turned off.

Next week, we will still have students who visit campus to complete business that is integral to their spring semester enrollment. Students may need to transfer, make payments and work with financial aid, and those offices will need to remain open for student business.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience with our repairs.