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FORGE is published yearly by the Henderson State University Matt Locke Ellis College of Arts and Sciences. Through profiles and current news,the magazine serves as a personal link connecting the college to its alumni and other related communities. The FORGE staff, composed of students and faculty,strives for excellence in magazine journalism through fair reporting and high quality photography and design. To suggest topics for future FORGE articles or to comment on the magazine, please email 

Forge 2012

Fido Blue? Call Dr. Wiebers by Sarah Chaney

The spirit of comics by Heath Herring

From the Beginning Blind Opie by Brook Balding

Dancing Dreamers by Jennifer Miller

Far Away with Pharaohs by Stacey Murray

The circle of life by  Dana Byars

Artistic Gamin by Matt Ragan

Professor & Cancer Survivor by Julie Robiinson

Forge Magazine Cover 2012


FORGE 2011  


Alternative Bubble Gum by Josh Sabo

Mom Got Me into the Movies? by Lurelee Duleshal

Black Girls Don't Know HOW TO CHEER? by Tameika Tank

GOOD bye: Fond memories on and off stage by Sarah Burnes

Writer's SECRETS by Katie Brown

A New Beginning by Cari Elliott

Red Wave's Aquatic Man by Kristin Land

Making Bigger Hearts by Ben Franks


Forge Magazine Cover 2011

Forge 2002 


A Labor of Love by Ashley Harris
Comics Invade Huie Library by Bobby Estell
Professor Honored by Stephie Kelley
Never Forgotten by Jayson Lowery
All in a Day’s Work by John Worthen
Casting Out Convention by Jennifer Godwin
A Web with a View by Celise Varnedore
British Studies Program by Ashley Harris
Marian Breland Bailey
A Quest for the Best by Dr. Ann Rye
Departmental Spotlight by T.J.. Hendricks
Words from the Associate Dean, Dr. Brian D. Palmer

Forge Magazine Cover 2002
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