Kate Snodgrass, M.D.

Kate Snodgrass, M.D.

Dr. Kate Snodgrass, B.S. ’06, has some advice for students looking to enter to medical field: “When you’re in undergraduate studies, the focus should be on the sciences and learning as much as you can where you are at that time. Make the best grades you can. And don’t let studies be your only focus; make time for family and extra-curricular activities.” As a first-year resident at The Medical Center at Columbus Regional Healthcare Systems in Columbus, Ga., Kate knows what works.

Although she has clear direction now, Kate says she wasn’t always so sure about her goals. “I flip-flopped majors—biology, psychology, nursing.” Once she got into nursing school, she realized doctoral residency was for her. “I went to nursing school, and once I got on the wards and saw the residents, I liked what they were doing—more thinking and analyzing and reading. Nursing was more hands-on performing tasks. So I decided to go back and finish my biology degree, “she says.

She started out at the University of Arkansas, then transferred to Ouachita Baptist University and eventually found her home at Henderson, where she completed her junior and senior years. Kate was in good company; several grandparents, both parents and her aunt all are Reddies.

At Henderson, Kate enjoyed the personal attention she received from professors in the chemistry and biology departments. “At University of Arkansas, you would never go and meet with a professor about a problem you had or to get an explanation of something, but at Henderson, if I had a question I would walk across the hall and ask them,” she says, “They were always available.” She was involved in Rotaract, the chemistry and biology clubs and several other opportunities for developing leadership skills and performing community service. Kate also conducted research with Dr. Herbert Matthews, now retired, whom she considers a good friend. As she puts it, “HSU has a small community feel with big opportunities.”

Although applying to medical school is an arduous process, Kate says her professors at Henderson were helpful and encouraging, celebrating her admission to University of Little Rock for Medical Sciences along with her. She also made good use of the Career Services department. “Before my interview, I went to Career Services and did a practice interview and got tips,” she recalls. “They videotaped the practice interview, and that was really helpful.”

Overall, Kate says that her time at Henderson gave her the foundation she needed to pursue her goals. “Henderson provided me with the guidance and resources to pursue a career as a physician. …A few of the features that aided me most were one-on-one attention from my professors, organizations and clubs that encourage student leadership and community involvement, and hands-on laboratory time. From undergraduate courses, to entrance exams, to the interviewing process, to celebration of my achievements, HSU assisted me along my way." 

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