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Scholarships through the HSU Foundation

Henderson is fortunate to have numerous scholarships, both endowed and annual, to offer its students. In addition to the academic scholarships that are offered through the university’s administrative programs, Henderson provides more than 160 scholarships in a variety of disciplines. Thanks to the generosity of Henderson alumni, friends, and faculty, the university is pleased to offer the following scholarships, many of which are awarded at the annual Heart and Key Scholarship and Awards Assembly in the spring semester or as part of other departmental award ceremonies. 


Faculty Of English, Foreign Languages and Philosophy; Sociology; Psychology;and Social Sciences (History -- Political Science -- Geography) 
Nila Embree Turner (English)
Charles M. Ellis (English)
Dorothy Campbell Memorial (English)
James Durham (English & Theatre Arts)
Elise Reid (English)
William C. Gentry (Philosophy)
Gene Lawrence (Sociology/Social Work)
Hillquit Lynch (Sociology)
John A. Perry (History)
J. Robert Greene (History)
Dwight D. Eisenhower (Political Science: Public Administration)
Marian Breland Bailey (Psychology)
Erwin Janek (Psychology/Gamma Beta Phi)

Faculty Of Art, Music, Communications & Theatre Arts
Wayne L. McAfee (Art)
Brenda Kay Jones (Art)
Robert & Marian Shuff (Art/Music, Theatre Arts/Dance)
Mae Whipple (Music)
Lou Clark Rhodes (Music/Piano)
Reed Barringer (Piano/Voice)
Robert R. Bruner (Instrumental Music)
Dennis Vaughan (Trumpet)
Kara Joy Isaac (Percussion)
Lois McNabb Smith (Piano)
Ann Barnwell Rye (Piano/organ)
Lucy M. Williams (Piano)
Don & Jean Kramer (Music)
Dexter Bush Florence (Band & Aviation)
Eugene Kuyper (Vocal)
Frederick & Dora Harwood (Strings)
Charles Stanton Rye (Choral)
Vince Gill (Music/Stage Production)
Homer T. and Betty Jones (Music)
Robert & Marian Shuff (Art/Music, Theatre Arts/Dance)
Maralyn Sommer Double Reed (Reeds)
Robert Ellis Music Enrichment Fund (Music)
James Durham (English & Theatre Arts)
Florence Rye Turrentine (Theatre Arts)
Robert & Marian Shuff (Art/Music, Theatre Arts/Dance)
Kenneth Gilliam (Theatre Arts)
John W. Crawford (Theatre Arts)
John A. Carr (Dance)
Dennis Wootton (Journalism)
John Gyllin (Radio)

Faculty Of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science, and Nursing
M. C. Bowman (Biology/Chemistry)
Adelphia M. Basford (Biology)
Tropical Studies (Biology)
Jane Parsons Dunn (Biology)
Kelly Oliver (Biology)
Peggy Rae Dorris (Biology)
Millard and Ruth McBurney (Biology)
Haskell & Marion Jones (Chemistry)
Robinson-Mazander (Chemistry)
Joe C. Wright (Chemistry)
Connie Roberts (Chemistry)
Robert Schmidgall (Chemistry)
M. C. Bowman (Biology/Chemistry)
Bryan D. Palmer (Chemistry)
Phi Sigma Kappa/Ronnie Woodall, Jr. (Chemistry)
Fincher-Dobson (Teacher Certification and Pre-medical)
Jack & Ida Byrne Kennedy (UAMS)
Don Avery (Physics)
Mel & Gene Buck (Physics)
Mary Lee Foster (Mathematics)
Ben and Ella Thaxton (Mathematics & Computer Science)
Elaine Durand (Mathematics & Computer Science)
William Durand (Mathematics & Computer Science)
Dell & Grace Durand (Mathematics & Computer Science)
Bob & Eager Squyres (Mathematics & Computer Science)
Morris & Genevieve Jackson (Mathematics)
Jack and Sybil Arnold Family (Mathematics & Computer Science)
Kimberly Palmer Harper (Computer Science)
Arkansas Systems (Computer Science)
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Fund (Mathematics & Computer Science)
Bernice Narracong (Nursing)
Mary Taylor (Nursing)
Ruth Turley-Molly Wilson (Nursing)
Order of Eastern Star (Nursing)
Evelyn Latimer (Nursing)
Esther Black (Nursing)
Bette Gary McElhannon (Nursing)


Southern Bancorp
Summit Bank
Stella Spoon (Accounting)
Baird, Kurtz, and Dobson (Accounting)
Thurman & Ina Webb May/Donald Dodson (Accounting)
Robert G. Edwards
Oscar & Eathel Greenberg
Tad & Judy Krug
Hendershot-Lacy (Incoming Freshman)
Clark Robertson Consulting
Steven Daily (Business)
Oren Harris (Business Law)
Oren Harris Business Law Student Award (DiMarzio)
Amanda Powell Memorial (Aviation)
Dexter Bush Florence (Aviation)
Haskell Wright (Aviation)
Jerry Robinson (Aviation)
Jim Smedley (Alpha Eta Rho)
Randy Holland (Aviation)


Rebecca Garner (Family & Consumer Science)
Marilyn Humphries Friday (Family & Consumer Science)
Maynor-Hatton (Family & Consumer Science)
Allene Stanton (Family & Consumer Science)
Carl & Nellie Tucker (Family & Consumer Science)
Carl & Louise Durkee (Special Education - graduate)
Linus & Iva Morton (Special Education - graduate)
Raymond & Leona Lawson (Special Education - graduate)
Howard Dawson (Rural Education: Program Support)
Myrle T. Young (Student Intern)
John A. Treadway Award (Student Intern)
Willis B. Inman (Counselor Ed. - graduate)
Holt/Wallace/Brumfield-White/Sevier (PE)
Jim Mac & Jimmie Sawyer (PE)
Diana Dodson Cox
The Spirit of Ryan Halaby
J.T. Wright
Ernest W. Patrick
Joe T. Clark
Elgie Goss (Pine Bluff HS)
J. Albert & Mary Neel
Edith & Henry Irons
Flave & Salene Nipper Carpenter
William Dean & Cora Ruth Tommey
Elizabeth Beirne Caplinger
Claudie Garrison
Arvin & Nobie Thomas Ross
Thurman & Ina Webb May/Lois Dodson Business (Office Education)
Lois Dodson Business
Fincher-Dobson (Teacher Certification & Pre-medical)
Delta Kappa Gamma Award (Lambda chapter) 

Diversity Scholarships
ALLTEL (Diversity)
Education Diversity Fund
Malachi Smith (Diversity)
Ietta Horton (Diversity)
Arkansas Women of Essence (Diversity)
Henry Bell, Sr. and Henry Bell, Jr. (Diversity)
Richard and Roberta Griffith (Diversity)  

ROTC Scholarships
Jimmy and Pat Ross (ROTC/Football)
Lt. General James Merryman Memorial (ROTC)

General Scholarships
Reverend Bishop Paul Vernon Galloway (Liberal Arts)
Troy Caver (Academic)
Claude M. & Hyda Collie (Malvern HS)
John W. Crawford (International)
Ellis & Terry Cokes (Alumni)
Amy Jean Greene (Alumni)
P. W. Turrentine (Alumni)
J. W. Workman (Alumni)
Paul Chapman Williams (Alumni)
Carl & Virginia Brady (Alumni)
Florence Atchley Powell (Alumni)
Don and Iris Grisham (Alumni)
Jane Ross Academic Institute
Jane Ross (Community College Transfer)
Margin of Excellence (Academic)
Olin Carr Chambers (Jefferson County)
Zack & Nancy Thomas (Hot Spring County)
D.D. McBrien (Sigma Phi Epsilon)
Walters Family (Academic/Work)
Bobbie Nichols Tucker (Alpha Sigma Tau)
Jo Carol McCorkle (Panhellenic)
Meredith Reed (Alpha Sigma Tau)
Judy McCallum Fisher (Alpha Xi Delta)
Raymond Toler (Arkadelphia HS)
Nona Stevens Toler (Ashdown HS)
Susan Toler Sullivan (Arkadelphia HS)
Ramsay/Banks (Arkadelphia HS/Fordyce HS)
Mathews-Hall (Academic)
David Lockwood Memorial (Delight HS)
Robert Thurman & Ina Webb May (Honors College)
Robert & Pauline Huff Jones (Female)
Imon E. Bruce (Academic)
The Martha Greene Family (Honors College)
Martin & Harriet Garrison (Academic)
John Duke Wells Family (Academic)
Mickey V. O’Quinn (Warren HS)
Edgar & Marguerite McGough Henley (National Merit/Honors)
David & Betty Pennington Jones (Sheridan HS)
Erwin Garner (Business Office Professional Development)
Thelma Bruce (Academic)
Carl Frank (Academic)
David & Janie Wallace (Malvern HS)
Gurdon Wood Products/HSU
Emil & Clara Wencil (Honors College)
Bill & Eunice Harrington (Clark County)
Pauline Goodman Jones (Malvern HS)
Jim Hill (Phi Lambda Chi)
Albert & Emily Shugzdis (Academic)
Doyle Frazier (Academic)
Pleasant & Minnie Sturgis
Virginia M. Smith (Delta Sigma Theta)
John B. and Bonnie V. Howard
Ressie Brown
William & Margretta Owens Daniel
Ross Foundation in honor of Jane Ross
John W. Crawford (Phi Sigma Kappa)
Phi Sigma Kappa/Ronnie Woodall, Jr. (Chemistry)
Charles D. Dunn Presidential (Dunn Scholars)
James and Rebecca Andrews (Arkadelphia HS)
Peggy Paul Wetherington (Hot Spring County)
Guy Jesse and Norma Adamson Hays
H. Dale and Gail Reveley Robbins
Lee Dailey/Burger King (Academic)

Athletic Scholarships
Coaches Rowland, Sherman, Wells, & Thomason (Football)
LaJuana “Cookie” Collum (Cheerleaders)
Carl Frank “Whitehouse” (Swim)
John Duke Wells Award (Inspirational Male Athlete)
India Norman Award (Inspirational Female Athlete)
Joe Branch (Baseball)
Bobby Cullen (Swim)
Reggie & Claudia Speights (5th yr. Football)
Antony Ryan Moore Memorial (Football)
Alan & Doris Wright (Scholar Athlete)
Bobby Reese (5th yr. Basketball)
Martin-Bowen-Hefly (Student worker)
Reggie Comeaux Memorial (Men’s Basketball)
Jimmy and Pat Ross (ROTC/Football)

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