Educational Leadership (M.S.E.)

Mission Statement:  

The HSU Educational Leadership MSE program prepares candidates for P-12 building level leadership and curriculum administrator roles and empowers them to work collaboratively with diverse populations.  Our stakeholders include parents, community, civic organizations, business, media, teachers, and students.  The program is designed to improve the leader’s skills in impacting student achievement and the quality of life for students through excellence in teaching, learning, service, technology, and leadership.

3 Goals:

  1. Knowledge: To graduate students with the knowledge necessary to pass the building level leader licensure examination (SLLA) and to succeed as a building level administrator.
  2. Skills/Applications: To graduate students with the necessary leadership skills and applications to succeed as a building level administrator.
  3. Collaboration: To graduate building level leaders with the ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders of a school district.

6 Dispositions: 

  1. We are professionals.
  2. We value diversity.
  3. We are fair to all students.
  4. We have a sense of efficacy.
  5. We care for students and their families.
  6. We are reflective.


All MSE degree candidates, building level leader program of study candidates, and curriculum administrator program of study candidates are required to carry out an Action Research Project-Impacting Student Achievement.
The candidate will identify a student achievement need, plan and implement an intervention, and measure the impact of the intervention on improving student achievement.
The research will be conducted throughout the candidate’s program of study and the results will be presented at the end of the candidate’s internship (EDL 6533 Leadership Internship, EDL 6653 CPA Internship for Special Education Supervision, or EDL 6643 Internship for Curriculum Specialist).

Steps for the Action Research Project:

  1. Instructions for Action Research Project given during Fall or Spring Orientation.
  2. Action Research Proposal and Advisor’s approval during first semester of a candidate’s program.
  3. Advisor monitors candidate’s progress throughout the program.
  4. Midway Review by Faculty Committee after 12 hours for Program of Study candidates or 15 hours for MSE degree candidates.
  5. Advisor monitors candidate’s progress throughout the program.
  6. Advisor checks and gives final approval during internship semester.
  7. Action Research results presented to Faculty Committee at the end of the candidate’s Internship.



A portfolio is an individualized collection of purposeful, interrelated materials which is ongoing and flexible.  The portfolio becomes an assessment tool, which leads to self-improvement through the development of reflective thinking and inquiry.  The portfolio experience also provides a model for the continuous professional development of educational administrators in the world of practice. The students will select artifacts from class assignments and align them to the appropriate ELCC and ISLLC and NETS-A standards. They will select at least one artifact for each standard.  They will write reflections that demonstrate how the artifact helped them master the standard. The portfolio will be evaluated using a rubric aligned to the ELCC standards 1-6 as well as the ISLLC standards 1-6 and the NETS-A standards 1-5. 




Dr. Pat Weaver, Professor - 

Dr. Bernie Hellums, Assistant Professor -  

Mr. Don Benton, Assistant Professor - 

Ms. Brenda Driggers, Administrative Assistant - 



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Degree Plans and Programs of Study Candidacy Forms

M.S.E. Educational Leadership Candidacy Form - Degree Plan 

Program of Study - Building Level Administrator Licensure Candidacy Form 

Program of Study - CPA Curriculum Specialist Candidacy Form 

Program of Study - CPA Special Education Candidacy Form 




MSE Courses and Syllabi 

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