Teacher Licensure

Teachers College, Henderson is proud of its licensure programs and the candidates completing those programs.  Teachers College,Henderson is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and all programs are approved by the Arkansas Board of Education. 

If you need more information about licensure, call Dr. Celya Taylor, Interim Associate Dean/Licensure Officer or leave a message with Karen Hollis, administrative assistant.

Licensure office located:
     1020 Henderson Street
      Education Center, Room 211
      Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71999-0001
      Phone: 870-230-5358
      Fax: 870-230-5455

Steps for undergraduates obtaining license

1. Select an undergraduate program of study at P-4, 4-8, P-8, and 7-12 level.
2. Complete the program of study by meeting all requirements for admission into the Teacher Education Program; complete all professional education courses.
3. Complete an application for licensure - This application is kept in the licensure office.  At the end of your internship and when a degree is posted, the registrar's office will send an official transcript to the Licensure Office.  The licensure office then sends the application to the Arkansas Department of Education to process.  It will take about two weeks before you will receive an initial teaching license.
4. Complete requirements for an FBI and Arkansas State Police background check. - This can take up to six months to process.
5. Complete an Arkansas Child Maltreatment Central Registry Form
6. Pass all parts of Praxis I and Praxis II test. The following link may be used to determine current Praxis exams required for teacher licensure in specific areas. http//www.ets.org/praxis/ar/requirements

Licensure information for undergraduates

Art P-8 & 7-12
  Katherine Strause, Chair

Business Technology 7-12 
   Dr. Celya Taylor, Chair

Coaching 7-12
   Dr. Lynn Glover-Stanley, Chair

Early Childhood P-4 
   Dr. Celya Taylor, Chair

English 7-12
   Dr. Peggy Bailey, Chair

Family and Consumer Sciences 7-12
   Dr. Patti Miley, Chair

Mathematics 7-12
   Dr. Carolyn Eoff, Chair

Middle Childhood 4-8 
   Dr. Celya Taylor, Chair

Music Instrumental and Vocal P-8 & 7-12
   Dr. Jim Buckner, Chair

Physical Education P-8 & 7-12
   Dr. Lynn Glover-Stanley, Chair

Social Sciences 7-12 
   Dr. John Graves, Chair

Spanish 7-12 
   Dr. Peggy Bailey, Chair

 Adding additional license 
 Required Praxis test 
 How to check background information at the Arkansas Licensure Database
 On-line registration for Praxis I computer based test at HSU
On-line registration for paper delivered Praxis I,  Praxis II/Pedagogy test

Licensure information for graduates

Advanced Instructional Studies     
   Dr. Gary Smithey, Chair

Educational Leadership Building Administrator P-8 & 7-12
   Dr. Pat Weaver, Coordinator

Curriculum Program Administrator
   Dr. Pat Weaver, Coordinator

District Level Administrator
   Dr. Pat Weaver, Coordinator

Educational Examiner
  Dr. Gary Smithey 

English as a Second Language
   Julia Correia, Director

 Guidance and School Counseling
   Dr. Michael Kelly, Chair

 Master of Arts in Teaching 
   Teresa Holsclaw, Coordinator

 Reading Specialist P-8 & 7-12
   Dr. Gary Smithey, Chair
 Special Education P-4 & 4-12  
   Dr. Glenda Hyer , Chair

 Special Education P-4
   Dr. Carolyn Dyer, Assistant Professor 

  Special Education 4-12
    Dr. Peggy Woodall, Assistant Professor

Applications for Licensure

   Standard Teaching License
   Standard Building Level Administrator 
   Standard Curriculum Program Administrator 
   Standard District Level Administrator 


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