Digital Art and Design (B.F.A.)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Digital Art and Design is for those who wish to study graphic and media design. As a student in the program you will study tools for creating art on the computer, and develop skills for designing in print and digital media. You will develop an eye for the professional use of typography and publication layout systems. Most importantly, our students learn how to be creative, develop great ideas, and render their ideas at a professional level.  

The Faculty

The faculty of the Digital Art and Design Program have over 50 years combined experience as graphic and media designers.  

The Results

Graduates of our program work in several interesting places. Many work for design firms, and corporate design departments for companies like Wal-mart and Dillard's, or for non-profit organizations such as Arkansas Children’s Hospital – close to home. Some work developing web experiences for places like Animation Mentor in California, while others have found work in game companies on the east and west coast. Several grads work with TV and film companies, and other media-based businesses. Some even have their own successful businesses. Graduates often go on to seek Master of Fine Arts Degrees at schools such as Savanna College of Art and Design, and Full Sail. 

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