Medical Technology (B.S.)

If you love the technical side of the medical field, then a degree in medical technology could be the right fit for you. Medical technologist spend most of their time performing my kinds of important laboratory tests that determine the well being of patients. They test for infectious diseases, they analyze and determine blood type, they determine the presence of drugs of abuse and determine levels of medications. They evaluate the chemical, cellular, and immune composition of any body fluid.

The Program

Three years of course work at Henderson followed by one year at Baptist School of Health Professions in Little Rock, AR will give you this BS degree in this field. As a medical technology student at Henderson, you will be well prepared for the technical classes and clinical experiences you will see at Baptist.


The Faculty

Henderson's excellent faculty members will be there to guide and assist you throughout your first three years at Henderson where you will complete your pre-professional course work. Dr. John Long will be your advisor. After the three years you will attend Baptist Health Schools in Little Rock where their excellent faculty will direct you through the professional curriculum.

The Results

After you have completed the program, you will be prepared to work in a clinical laboratory and use your expertise in lab testing. You will have the experience and training you need to succeed in this field. Medical technologist have many career opportunities that include practicing in hospitals and clinics, but also in laboratories in industries providing health services or health products.




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“At HSU my schedule in any given semester was likely to include chemistry and philosophy, or biology and history, or physics and literature. That juxtaposition of ideas helped me understand things in ways that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. A physicist who has learned how to think like a historian, or like a biologist, or like a philosopher is much better equipped to solve a wide variety of complex problems than someone who has mastered some quantity of technical information.”

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Dr. Anthony P. LyonsBachelor of Science - Physics, 1988
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