Human Services (B.S.)

If you care about people, enjoy working with them, and have a knack for problem solving, a degree in human services is the right choice for you.  You will get the skills you need to gain positions in public and private institutions that proved services for disadvantaged groups in our society. 

The Program

You will learn about social issues, problem solving, and how to develop programs in the human services field.  You’ll find an enriching and vibrant educational setting as well as field experience opportunities in human service agencies.  As a human services major, you will learn how to address issues like crime, poverty, alcoholism, child abuse, and discrimination.

The Faculty

Our team of faculty members will be there to instruct, guide, and inspire you every step of the way. You will get the expert guidance you need to succeed in the field, as well as internship opportunities, field experience, and research opportunities from your professors that will give you the professional exposure you need to enter the job market.

The Results

 Your human services degree will prepare you for a wide array of career opportunities, including the choice of pursuing an advanced degree in social work, counseling, psychology, and sociology.

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Matt is the director of economic development for Williamson County, Tennessee. He works to bring and maintain businesses into the county to create new jobs. Matt credits his education at Henderson and the Honors College, for preparing him for his career. “These days companies look for employees who can think for themselves, solve problems, communicate effectively, and work in teams. Every honors class I had at Henderson taught me how to do all four.”

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Matt LargenBachelor of Arts - Psychology, 1977
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