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Spanish (B.A.)

Has it always been your dream to speak another language?  Do you love to travel and learn about different cultures?  If this sounds like you, then a degree in Spanish is the perfect fit.  Our Spanish program will prepare you for any number of career fields and it will expose you to rich cultures and diverse ways of life. 

The Program

It’s not just about learning another language.  At Henderson, we incorporate the importance of culture and diversity within Spanish-speaking countries.  AS you progress through our program, you will have the opportunity to study literature, culture, and civilization while practicing your language skills.  We also have several travel opportunities so you won’t only practice speaking, but you’ll experience the culture first-hand. 

The Faculty

Our accomplished and diverse faculty will give you the skills and knowledge you need to reach your goals as a Spanish major.  Small class sizes make it easy to develop strong relationships with your professors.  They will expose you to the important linguistic and cultural factors surrounding Spanish-speaking countries, making you an expert in the area of the language, culture, and society. 

The Results

You will have an enriched knowledge of different cultures around the world.  You will also be in high demand as a bi-lingual person living in a country that grows in diversity every day.  With a Spanish degree from Henderson, you will be prepared for jobs in government, education, media, entertainment, and tourism. 

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 “Attending Henderson helped me achieve my goal to attain a college degree and it continues to help me strive towards all of the goals I have set for my life!”

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