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Mass Media (B.A.)

In today’s dynamic, technology-driven world, one thing is at the heart of it all: mass media. Our mass media program (B.A.) will prepare you for any number of exciting career fields, from journalism to politics, from law to teaching, from marketing to public relations—and pretty much anything in between.

The Program

You’ll find an innovative blend of courses, group projects, one-to-one teaching, and access to technological resources that will make your head spin… in a good way. You can focus your studies on print or broadcast journalism, mass media, or writing for the media, among other choices tailored to your career goals.

Along the way you’ll experience co-curricular opportunities like our student-run radio station, The Pulse, our TV station, HTV, and our newspaper, The Oracle (with both print and online editions), as well as our award-winning yearbook, The Star—all providing you with experience you need in reporting, media production and design. You will also meet experts in the field, both on campus and in the workplace, and you may have the opportunity to travel with student groups to national media conventions in New York and other media hotspots.

The Faculty

If expert guidance is what you want, Henderson is the place for you. Our faculty are dedicated teachers who’ve achieved amazing things in their fields. For instance, one of our professors recently has been a featured writer in Sports Illustrated and National Geographic Traveler. An assistant professor produced a documentary film featured at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. One of our adjunct professors recently won an Emmy award for local broadcast news. 

The Results

With a degree in mass media you’ll have gained a set of skills and knowledge that can be applied to a wide range of career fields: reporting, production, advertising, public relations, writing, photography and many other options.
You’ll find our graduates in impressive positions across the country, using the kind of knowledge and creativity that make people take notice. Recent graduates work as magazine editors, news designers, public relations officers, filmmakers and in many other fields. Some of our students choose to go forward to graduate school, studying topics such as communication, journalism or law at schools like Syracuse, the University of Arkansas and the University of Missouri.


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