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Marketing (B.B.A.)

If you’re a creative, energetic person who loves working with people, a BBA degree with a concentration in marketing is a great fit for you!  As a marketing student, you will gain the skills you need to face the demands of a market-driven society, and you will be well prepared for any number of career fields.

The Program 

Your BBA degree with a concentration in Marketing prepares you for successful careers in advertising, public relations, brand management, telecommunications, and many others.You will improve your interpersonal and presentation skills, identify customer needs, and effectively communicate information about products and services.Our business school offers state-of-the-art technology so you will have the skills you need in such a rapidly growing technological environment. 

You will develop additional skills, knowledge, and the upward career mobillity necessary for advancement in your career through our "Business Beyond the Classroom" program, the Mentorship Experience program, and participation in our Student-Managed Investment Fund. These and many other opportunities to develop your professionalism in our school of business will set you apart as a polished graduate and desirable employee.

The Faculty

With our expert faculty, you will receive excellent guidance and instruction in preparation for your career goals. Small class sizes allow you to connect with professors and gain as much experience as you can during your undergraduate years.

The Results 

Your BBA degree with a concentration in marketing will prepare you well for success in many marketing fields, such as consumer sales, industry, research, advertising, purchasing, and more.Whatever path you choose, you can be sure you can acquire the skills necessary to be successful in today's business world.  

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Dustin Smith went from Henderson Student Government President to a member of Congressman Mike Ross's campaign team.

Dustin SmithBachelor of Business Administration - Management, 2005
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