Helpful Financial Aid Links and Tips


Current  students and incoming students who have registered for classes should set up their HSU email account and check it regularly. Most offices, faculty and staff will use your HSU email to correspond with you. If you need assistance setting it up please contact the Help Desk in the Department of Computing Services.

Use my Henderson to check your student account, financial aid awards, grades, etc. 24/7! Avoid that trip to an office or waiting for a return telephone call! 

 Direct Deposit is available for your loan and/or refund check. Sign up today and avoid those lines!

 Glossary of Financial Aid Terms


 Locating your Student Loans

 Student Loan Calculators - how much will your payments be?

 Budgeting your money while attending college

Avoid DEFAULTING on your student loan! There are other options. Communicate with your lender!

 Repaying your Loan - Valuable information you should know

 Loan Forgiveness Program for Public Services Employees

 Loan Forgiveness for Teachers 



Scholarship Sources


These are only a few scholarship sources available for college. There are many more out there. Most scholarships have an application deadline. Start early! - Database of scholarships - Database of scholarships - lists scholarships for Arkansas Department of Higher Education - The National Scholars Honor Society

National Federation of the Blind

Gates Millennium Scholars - For low-income minorities with significant financial need

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

American Cancer Society

Native American Scholarships - also check with your individual tribe for more opportunities 


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