Loan Disbursement Schedule

The dates below are initial disbursement dates.

Your loan disclosure statement will reflect the dates that we have requested funds to be released to us. Your loan refund check will not be ready for you on that date. We request the initial disbursements approximately 1 week prior to the release date in order to provide ample processing time by our staff and the staff in the business office.

We continue to receive loan funds daily throughout each semester for loans that are processed after the priority deadlines. For those disbursements received after the initial date, there will be a two day turn around for check processing. For instance, if your funds are received at the school on Monday, your check will be ready on Wednesday.

Federal regulations require that all Direct Stafford and Direct PLUS loans come in two equal disbursements. The first disbursement is at the beginning of the loan term. The second disbursement is recorded at the half way point of the loan term.

For fall/spring loans, the 1st disbursement is at the beginning of the fall term, the 2nd disbursement is at the beginning of the spring term.

For loans that are a single semester, the first disbursement will be at the beginning of the semester and the 2nd disbursement will occur half-way through the semester.


Loans for first-year undergraduate, first-time borrowers are subject to a 30 day hold for federal regulations.

Fall 2014 Only 
First Disbursement - 08/22/2014
Second Disbursement - 10/20/2014

First-Time Freshmen Fall 2014 Only
First Disbursement - 09/22/2014
Second Disbursement - 10/20/2014

Fall 2014/Spring 2015
First Disbursement - 08/22/2014
Second Disbursement - 01/12/2015

First-Time Freshmen Fall 2014/Spring 2015
First Disbursement - 09/22/2014
Second Disbursement - 01/12/2015

Spring 2015 Only
First Disbursement - 01/12/2015
Second Disbursement - 03/10/2015

First-Time Freshmen Spring 2015 Only
First Disbursement - 02/11/2015
Second Disbursement - 03/10/2015




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