Sociology (B.A.)

Have you ever envisioned your ideal society? Are you ever curious about the reasons for social problems? If you want to increase your knowledge of how society affects the way we live, then a degree in sociology is right for you.

The Program

You’ll find an intriguing selection of courses, as well as a vibrant learning environment. We use a scientific perspective for studying the effects of cultural and social forces on individuals, groups, and institutions. Through studying social behavior of individuals, you’ll gain a better understanding of society, as well as a strong foundation for other areas of study such as anthropology, philosophy, and history.

The Faculty

Our professors have earned outstanding reputations in diverse areas of research. Whether you’re interested in crime, gender relations, or sociological theory, our faculty will provide a balanced education in any field. Our small class sizes make discussion and research interesting and lively, giving you an opportunity to connect with your peers and professors.

The Results

A sociology major can give you the knowledge of social relations and society that will enhance your career opportunities. Depending on your interests and the sociology courses you’ve taken, this degree opens doors to careers such as public agencies, government positions, industry, and education. Your sociology degree is excellent preparation for graduate studies in sociology as well as in areas such as social welfare, public administration, or political science.

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"Simply, Henderson helped me to develop the strong educational foundation that allowed me to become a more proficient and dedicated student, and that paved the way for my success in becoming a veterinarian."

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Jay Deluhery, DVMBachelor of Science - Biology, 2006
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