Political Science (B.A.)

Political Science at Henderson State University is designed to assist the University in achieving its basic purpose of preparing students to understand and interact with the political system of the nation and its role and relationship with the rest of the global community. Toward that end the department offers a variety of courses from highly competent instructors in the several sub-fields of the discipline. The fields covered include American government, state and local government, constitutional law, comparative government, international relations, public policy and administration and research methods. These courses help to equip students with the conceptual and analytical skills they require in order to understand the nature of the political systems that affect them and empower them to act as responsible and involved citizens. Beyond Henderson, students will be empowered to lead satisfying lives and to succeed in the workplace, graduate school and the professions. The faculty members of the department have received their advanced degrees from leading universities and the department encourages them to engage in constructive scholarship for the sustained improvement of teaching and creative research leading to the presentation of their work at professional conferences and publication.

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"I’d made the decision to go to a different school actually, but decided to come visit Henderson State anyway. When I got here I couldn’t believe how different the atmosphere was. I just felt like I belonged. The people were so friendly. I loved it at Henderson State and decided this was the place for me."

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Matt MartinBachelor of Arts - History, Senior
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