Reporting Accidents

All accidents and injuries that occur on the Henderson campus should be reported immediately. Please fill our a university Accident Report Form and send it to the Office of University Police.

Student or Visitor Accidents
Any faculty or staff member witnessing or being informed of an accident involving a student or a visitor should call for emergency help or whatever assistance appears to be necessary. In addition, the employee is immediately to report the accident using the university's Accident Report Form.

Employee Accidents

Employee accidents, injuries, or illnesses should be reported immediately by the employee's supervisor. An injury to a student worker while on the job is reported in the same manner as a permanent employee.

Property Damage Accidents
Report property damage accidents such as fire, water, wind, theft and other property damage as soon as possible. Call University Police (230-5098).

Minimize property damage. Keeping your personal safety and the safety of others first, take appropriate steps to minimize property damage.

University General Counsel will file the report with the Arkansas Claims Commision. Click here for information that you may be asked to provide concerning the property damage.

Reporting Motor Vehicle Accidents
Call the nearest Police, Sheriff, or State Police when a university-owned vehicle is involved in an accident. They will perform an on-scene investigation of the accident. State Police Emergency Numbers.

Call the Office of Purchasing (870-230-5117) with details of the accident. Purchasing will then contact the insurance company. If the accident occurs outside office hous, call Ramsey Krug, Farrell & Lensing (501-664-9252 ------- 24 hour emergency claims service).

The Arkansas State Policy DOES NOT cover rented vehicles.

The State of Arkansas requires the renter to purchase the insurance for rented vehicles. The university employee renting the vehicle must provide proof of personal coverage or buy the policy offered by the rental agency. Report the accident involving a rented vehicle to the appropriate insurance company.

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