Gas Chemical Leaks



•Notify authorities.
•Evacuate building. Assist handicapped to evacuate.

Emergency 911

University Police 230-5098

Arkadelphia Police 246-4545

Fire Department 246-2424


Report suspected gas leaks or suspicious odors immediately to:

University Police 230-5098 or 230-5098

Arkadelphia Police 246-4545

HSU Maintenance 230-5179

: Building location, room number, type of chemical, and type of incident.

If you have body contact with the spilled material, remove any contaminated clothing immediately and flush all areas of bodily contact with large amounts of water.

Maintenance workers or university officials may determine that the building should be evacuated and will sound the fire alarm.

Close all doors and windows, if possible. Do not use elevators.

Proceed outside and away from the building to at least 300 feet, leaving clear access for arriving emergency personnel. Move to the building's designated evacuation assembly area. Assist the handicapped. Do not return to building until instructed to do so by officials on site.

CAMPUS The University Police Department, working with the Clark County Office of Emergency

EVACUATION Services, will direct the evacuation of buildings and/or the campus itself when conditions warrant such action.


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