•Evacuate if possible. Do not use elevators.
•If you are unable to evacuate, seek refuge in a doorway or under a desk or table.


•Move away from buildings and utility poles.
Avoid downed power lines.

•Evacuate buildings. (Do not use elevators) Move to the building's designated evacuation assembly area.
•Assist the handicapped and any injured person(s).
•Do not block streets as a pedestrian or with your car. Streets must remain open for emergency vehicles.

UTILITIES HSU Physical Plant will shut off gas and electricity.

FIRE & RESCUE HSU Physical Plant and University Police Officers will assist local agencies in extinguishing fires and directing rescue operations on campus.

FOOD & SHELTER The university food service contractor will take all reasonable steps to provide food services to the campus during the event of an emergency situation. Henderson’s Residence Life Office, working in conjunction with local agencies, will establish emergency shelters.

COMMUNICATION Radio contact will be established with local authorities and services. Monitor local radio and television stations for updated information on the emergency situation.


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Nicole is the first Reddie to be a finalist for the National Collegiate Athletic Association Woman of the Year. As a student she was actively involved in Henderson television and radio stations, and volunteered in the campus newspaper, The Oracle. When home in Zimbabwe, she likes to give motivational speeches to the youths on how to better their lives through sports.

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Nicole HornBachelor of Arts - Mass Media, 2011
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