Requirements for Social Sciences

Students with a concentration in Social Sciences are required to complete ONE of the following three courses:

HIS 6573::  Historiography and Bibliography
HIS 6583::  Research Seminar
PSC 6183::  Seminar in Politics

When deciding in which of the above three courses he or she wishes to enroll, a student should select the course appropriate to his or her thesis/project area.

The following is a list of Social Sciences courses from which a student may choose a major or minor MLA emphasis:

ANT 5053: World Cultures

ANT 5058: Readings in Anthropology*

ANT 6103: Anthropology of the Caddo Indians

ANT 6113: Archeology of the Caddo Indians

GEO 5043: Economic Geography*

GEO 5153: Latin America

GEO 5183: Geography of Europe

HIS 5093: Vietnam and the United States

HIS 5213: The American West

HIS 5233: American Foreign Policy*

HIS 5263: Arkansas and the Southwest

HIS 5283: American Constitutional Development*

HIS 5293: The Old South

HIS 5313: History of American Labor

HIS 5333: American Women’s History

HIS 5443: Medieval World

HIS 5603: Tudor and Stuart England

HIS 5623: Modern German History

HIS 5643: French Revolution and Napoleon*

HIS 5653: Modern Russian History

HIS 5683: Modern Middle East

HIS 5693: African History

HIS 5713: Social and Political Thought*

HIS 6563: Readings in History*

HIS 6573: Historiography and Bibliography*

HIS 6583: Research Seminar*

PSC 5053: American Constitutional Development*

PSC 5073: Social and Political Thought*

PSC 5093: International Relations

PSC 5103: American Foreign Policy*

PSC 5143: Municipal Government

PSC 5163: Public Policy

PSC 5173: Civil Liberties

PSC 5213: Judicial Process

PSC 5233: Comparative Politics in the Middle East

PSC 5243: Comparative Politics in Africa

PSC 5353: Contemporary U. S. - Eurasia Interaction

PSC 6183: Seminar in Politics*

SOC 5063: World Cultures

SOC 5123: Seminar in Sociology

SOC 5183: Death and Dying

*Designates interdisciplinary course


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