Requirements for Art History Emphasis


The following courses (12-15 hours) are required for the Art History emphasis:

ART 5103 Art of the Non-Western World
ART 5293 Contemporary Art*
ART 5783 History of Photography*
ART 6553 Readings in Art History* (may be repeated once for credit)

*Interdisciplinary courses

Choice of one or two (3-6 hours) of the following studio areas (each will include scholarly research and an essay):

ART 5093: Experimental and Contemporary Media
Prerequisites: ART 1043, 1053, 1073 or permission of instructor

ART 5743: Special Problems in Papermaking
Prerequisites: ART 1043, 1053, 1073 or permission of instructor

ART 6473: Special Problems in Ceramics
Prerequisites: Art 3113 or permission of instructor

ART 6483: Special Problems in Drawing
Prerequisites, Art 2083 or permission of instructor

ART 6493: Special Problems in Painting
Prerequisites, Art 3123 or permission of instructor

ART 6503: Special Problems in Printmaking
Prerequisites, Art 4213 or permission of instructor

ART 6563: Special Problems in Photography
Prerequisites, Art 3443 or permission of instructor

ART 6643: Special Problems in Sculpture
Prerequisites, Art 4253 or permission of instructor

ART 6693: Special Problems in Digital Design
Prerequisites, Art 3363 or Art 4413 or permission of instructor-- student must demonstrate the appropriate technical proficiency for projects proposed

Before being admitted to the studio selections in the program, the prospective candidate will present, for evaluation by the art faculty, examples of his or her work in the medium selected. If significant deficiencies are identified, the student will be required to complete preparatory work (undergraduate level) which will strengthen skill in the desired area and allow him or her to work on graduate level studio projects.


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