Biology (B.S.)

The biological sciences contain some of the most complex and fascinating concepts our world has to offer. The biology program at Henderson will offer you an in-depth knowledge of living organisms that goes beyond the microscope.


The Program

You will find a variety of courses that develop an appreciation for and an understanding of the living world.  Our small classes encourage discussion and active student participation, enhancing your academic experience by interacting with your classmates and professors.  With hands-on research, the use of new technology, travel abroad, and ample internship opportunities, Henderson’s biology majors are supplied with all the tools necessary to succeed in the field.

The Faculty

Benefit from the expertise of the experienced professors comprising Henderson’s biology faculty.  Our faculty consists of dedicated professors whose main goal is the success of their students.  Join in a wide range of exciting research projects in a department in which faculty get student-assisted and personal research into the eyes of the professional world through publications in several biology journals and texts.


With a biology degree from Henderson, you will have a unique set of analytical and scientific skills that will make you a marketable prospect for a wide range of careers, including education, industry, paramedical areas, and even government.  If graduate work is what you’re seeking, our program provides a strong foundation for the continuation of your academic career. Whichever path you choose, you can be certain that Henderson’s biology program will arm you with the knowledge you need to excel in your scientific career.


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Date last modified: 3 January 2011

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Ali Brown is biology major and dance minor from Atlanta, Texas who plans to attend medical school after finishing her bachelor’s of science degree at Henderson. To some, this might seem odd, but she explains, “I love science and dancing allows me to study the movement of the body and also be artistic which to me, is something that everyone should venture out and experience.”
“I am going to medical school because I've always had an interest in the body and in health. Being a doctor will allow me to have a job where I will be able to love what I do.”

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Ali BrownBachelor of Science - Biology, Sophomore
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