Bomb Threat


Remain calm. Keep caller on phone.

Ask the caller:

1.When is the bomb to explode?
2.Where is the bomb located?
3.What kind of a bomb?
4.What does it look like?


1.Age and sex of the caller.
2.Speech pattern, accent, etc.
3.Background noise

...IF BY E-MAIL: Do not delete the message. Print the message if possible.

...IF IN PERSON: Do not attempt to approach the person. Observe the person well enough to provide a description.


Notify: University Police 5098

Arkadelphia Police 246-4545

Emergency 911

Most bomb threats are hoaxes. Police officers will determine if immediate evacuation is necessary.

If it is deemed necessary to evacuate the building, leave via the primary route for your area, or by an alternate route if so directed. DO NOT PANIC.

Evacuation alarm is given by (a) Rave alert and (b) using the “Shout and Out” method. Assist handicapped persons; elevators may be used unless otherwise directed. Move to the building's designated evacuation assembly area.

University Police or other officials will organize and conduct a search of the building. Henderson Police or appropriate officials may order evacuation if any suspicious objects are found.

University Police Officers or appropriate officials will announce “all clear” when it is safe to return to the building. Do not return to the building until an “all clear” signal is given.

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