Rave Alert

What is Rave Alert?
Henderson State University has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety, the leader in mobile safety, to offer an emergency notification system, Rave Alert, capable of sending users text, voice, and email messages.

What type of messages will I receive?
Henderson State University will send you messages only related to emergencies. You will never receive advertisements and your information is never provided to advertisers.

Who can subscribe/use the service?
Any student, staff, or faculty member of Henderson State University can subscribe to the Rave Alert service.

How do I subscribe?
Log onto MyHenderson and click the Rave Alert tab.

What is my username?
Your username should be your Henderson State University email address and your password is your Henderson State network password.

What mobile phone carriers are supported?
All U.S. mobile carriers are supported.

What if my cell phone number changes?
If your mobile number changes, please login to Reddie Connect and update your contact details.

What if my cell phone provider changes?
If you keep the same mobile number, and simply change cell phone provider, you do not have to change anything. However, it may take several weeks for your mobile provider to update the Rave Alert system. During that time it is possible that you will not be able to receive messages.

Will I receive advertisements or text messaging SPAM? No, never. We respect your privacy and you will never receive anything besides official Henderson State University communications.

Who do I contact for assistance?
If you need assistance, please contact helpdesk@hsu.edu.

How will I identify incoming messages from Campus Alert?
You will be sent messages from what are known as short codes. The messages will come from either 67283 or 226787. We encourage you to save these numbers into your phone so you will recognize them when messages are sent. Some smaller carriers do not support short code messaging. For these carriers, you will receive messages from @getrave.com.

How do I stop getting messages? To stop getting messages, you may login to Reddie Connect and change your number to 555-555-5555, or text the word, "STOP" to 67283.


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