Minors in English, Foreign Language and Philosophy

The Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy offers minors in English, Spanish, French, German, Writing Specialization, Philosophy, and Women’s Studies.

English Minor

An English minor can serve you well in a wide variety of career choices. Strong reading and writing skills are an asset to any candidate in the job market and can give you the confidence to pursue your goals.

Minor Requirements Hours
ENG 2013, 2023 World Literature* 6
ENG 3063, 3073 Survey of American Literature
ENG 3083, 3093 Survey of English Literature 6
ENG 3163 Modern Grammar 3
Directed English Elective 3
Total Minor Requirements** 18 

Spanish Minor

The United States has the world's second largest Spanish-speaking population. Make yourself a standout job candidate and expand your cultural horizons by getting a Spanish minor. 

Minor requirements are 18 hours, six hours of which must be 3000-level or above.

French Minor

Becoming fluent in another language is like opening the door to another world. Whether you've always wanted to travel to France or hope to compete in the global business world, a minor in French can help you reach your goals.

Minor requirements are 15 hours, three hours of which must be 3000-level or above.

Courses in French
Faculty in French
French Minor
Study Abroad 

German Minor

A minor in German can give you a clear advantage in the fields of business, medicine, philosophy, and more. Enrich your life and your résumé with a minor in German.

Minor Requirements are 15 hours, three hours of which must be 3000-level or above.

Courses in German
Faculty in German
German Minor
Study Abroad 

Writing Specialization Minor Requirements

The Writing Specialization minor is tailor-made for those planning to enter careers such as business, law, public administration, journalism, the sciences and other areas that require advanced writing skills.

Minor Requirements Hours: 

ENG 2133 Logic and Argument 3
ENG 3162 Modern Grammar 3
ENG 3613 Technical Writing 3
ENG 4453 Advanced Composition 3
ENG 4983 Advanced Creative Writing  3
and one elective from this list:
MMC 4223 Magazine and Feature Writing 3
MMC 4293 Creative Non-fiction 3
MMC 4303 Online Journalism 3

Total requirements: 18 hours 

Philosophy Minor

A minor in philosophy is an ideal companion to majors in the humanities, business, political science and many other areas. Explore the minds of great thinkers and exercise your own.

The minor in Philosophy consists of a core of required courses and a set of electives.

Women's and Gender Studies Minor

Women's and Gender Studies Minor encompasses the rich body of knowledge developed by women and about women and gender. Rediscover a variety of disciplines through a new lens.

Minor requirements are a total of 15 hours consisting of HUM 2153 and a set of electives.

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